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One Ilfracombe Board

The need to restructure and ‘rewire public services’ to suit the individual and community, and not the agency was identified by the One Ilfracombe partners.

A credible, non-political, business-minded and locally-led body, free from the often paralysing constraints of the public sector, was be needed if services were to be delivered more efficiently and effectively. If it was to be truly locally-led, it would need more than a few individuals sitting on the body acting as community representatives.

The formation of two separate but interlinked sustainable and credible bodies was therefore agreed:

  • A body that would represent the community (Ilfracombe Town Council has taken on this role)
  • A body that would co-ordinate public services and other activities in the town

A not-for-profit company limited by guarantee was formed with the following organisations as members:

Ilfracombe Town Council
Devon County Council
North Devon Council
Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
North Devon Homes
North Devon Healthcare Trust

The council and partner agencies nominated their own Board Directors.

The independent Director positions were advertised for 2 weeks in the North Devon Journal, on the Town Council’ s Facebook page, in the Ilfracombe Centre window, and distributed to community groups within the town.

The interview panel was appointed by the Steering Group and made up of representatives from
Ilfracombe Town Council, Devon County Council and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue.

One Ilfracombe Board Directors

  • Cllr Rodney Donovan – Chair – Ilfracombe Town Council
  • Cllr Paul Crabb – Vice Chair – Devon County Council
  • Dan Turton – Company Secretary – Independent Director
  •                        – Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue
  • Cllr Geoff Fowler – North Devon Council
  • Pete French – Independent Director
  • Marc Rostock – North Devon Homes
  • Dr John Womersley – NHS
  • Sheila Roles – Independent Director
  • John Roles – Independent Director

One Ilfracombe Associate Directors

  • Paul Searle – Devon & Cornwall Police
  • Andrea Beacham – North Devon Healthcare Trust
  • Andy Moore – Devon Partnership Trust