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In March 2014, the One Ilfracombe Town Team was launched with the aim of creating a safer, cleaner and greener town that local people can be proud of.
The Town Team is made up of around 40 members of public services who already work in Ilfracombe but have joined forces to improve the service they offer. The team includes members of the Police, Fire, Ilfracombe Town Council, South West Ambulance Service, North Devon Council, the Harbour Master, Ilfracombe Museum and the Tourist Information Centre.
While they are at work in Ilfracombe, they keep in contact with each other by radio and are clearly visible to the public as members of the team wearing armbands, t-shirts or baseball caps to identify them. They share their resources to tackle any issue in the town that undermines the environment from dog-fouling and fly tipping to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.
Members of the public can approach any member of the team to raise an issue.


What sorts of things can I report to the Town Team?

• Litter/ Overflowing Bins

• Graffiti

• Dog fouling

• Fly tipping

• Fire Hazards

• Overgrown vegetation in public areas

• Loose or broken paving stones in pavements

• Blocked drains

• Criminal and Anti Social Behaviour

• Witnessing crime

• Dangerous and unlawful parking

• Careless and inconsiderate driving

• Missing and vulnerable persons

• Help and support for those in need

• Street lighting